Self Portrait 20.29.2008


About Cayenne Photos by:

Chrissy Michelle Strawn

Chrissy has a new camera these days, it is a Canon 6D Full Frame DSLR. She is also working to open up her own photo studio. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her hubby Lance. She is a diabled Veteran and is mentally ill. She is also a volunteer for NAMI Multnomah as a NAMI Connection Facilitator. With the training that NAMI provided her she is ready for anything that comes her way. 03/05/2016

She has been seriously shooting photos since 1985. She is very professional with a camera in her hands.

Chrissy lives with her hubby Lance. She has been with him for 9 years. My how time flys.

She is investing in her Photography and Artistic skills all the time. She recently started using Hahnemuhle FINEART inkjet paper. It is very good paper, but it is on the expensive side. As part of her personal investment she has become a member of NAPP,. Now known as Kelbyone. Chrissy will be purchasing all new Canon printers in the coming year.






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